A complete solution that works

Rory Brannigan / 9 November 2017

A complete solution that works

What defines you? What sets you apart? What is it that makes your business so special? Why should we choose you and not one of your competitors?

I think in today’s competitive market place it is something that companies should continually be asking themselves? What really makes you different from the rest of the pack?

Someone once told me that if you don’t have anything unique or innovative about your offering then you better be cheap!

I think for ISDM Solutions, it is our approach to a creating a solution that works for the user from the ground up that sets us apart.

We build something that is designed around our users. We continually engage all relevant stakeholders to ensure that we are working to produce an environment that will provide maximum benefit for the intended recipients of our solution.

ISDM believes that no two customers are alike, our approach to each requirement that we encounter is completely unique.

We believe in working in a collaborative way with our customers to truly address the issues that they have presented us with.

Training and adoption is also highly prioritised within the work that we do to ensure that all key stakeholders are fully engaged and will correctly utilise the delivered systems.

Another feature that I believe sets us apart is our support function.

A dedicated 24/7 helpdesk that works to support our customers at any time of the day or night. Dedicated engineers on hand to assist your video collaboration infrastructure.

Perhaps it is not one single thing that sets us apart but a range of behaviours and attitudes, a commitment to a methodology that elevates our service to a higher level.

ISDM carries a passion and a belief that what we are doing is important and worthwhile, we carry our positive attitude and our expertise into everything that we do, and we are a collaborative partner that will work to improve the video conferencing and audio-visual infrastructure within a company.

This in its essence is our defining characteristic and our operating principles help to reinforce this

Think beyond the now

A focus on quality

Commitment to customers

Drive for sustainable outcomes

Involve the right people

Take a moment every day to ask yourself, what makes me different? What sets me apart and work to ensure that you always bring that uniqueness to everything that you set out to do.

Oftentimes it will be a quality that money simply cannot buy.

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