Working with Stakeholders

Stephen Carlisle / 15 November 2017

Working with Stakeholders

One of the core principles of ISDM Solutions is: Involve the right people, but what does this really mean?

ISDM works extensively on new building constructions. With this comes a whole host of other contractors. The Construction company, architects, telephone architects, electricians, IT installers, client representatives and of course the client themselves.

At ISDM Solutions we pride ourselves on our ability to be agile. However agile is often such an overused word, no business is going to describe themselves as sluggish, are they?

Our agility comes into its own when working with these large multi-functional teams. We work to an overall project plan, often these timetables change by the hour, never mind by the day!

We appoint a dedicated programme and project management team, that work with the above-mentioned stakeholders to ensure that we deliver a project that is in line with the project plans of all key stakeholders.

We are able to adapt at short notice to the changing demands of a construction project, and are highly flexible in our response to these changes.

We often talk of our collaboration journey, but what does this really mean?

We want to walk with customers on their journey from project commission through to project completion.

This is done through communicating with and involving all those who will be directly responsible for the project. We want to ensure at all times we are delivering something that will go above and beyond customers expectation and will deliver time and again, now and into the future.

ISDM is a company that lives and breathes collaboration, of course our identity is very much rooted in the digital form, however we are firm believers in the power of collaboration in all its forms to ensure that all key stakeholders are bought into and a part of this collaboration journey.

ISDM may be the drivers, but we want to ensure our client stakeholders are willing and involved participants on the journey.

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