This stuff never works!

Karen McWhirter / 29 November 2017

Picture the scene, you walk into a meeting room, and you try to begin a meeting with participants scattered around the globe.

The picture is grainy, the audio is patchy and to cap it all of the HDMI cable that you had been planning to use to present is broken.

Exasperated you sigh, your plans to engage with certain individuals are effectively mooted.

Perhaps you will call them after the meeting using a traditional telephone.

It is your turn to speak and the microphone doesn’t seem to be picking you up, you try a couple more times, all to no avail.

Dejected and slightly humiliated, you turn your attention back to your emails, this meeting has effectively lost you as a participant, and you are not the only one. Eyes turn to laptops and phones, people busy themselves with the papers in front of them.

Your mind is mired in confusion. Why do we keep doing this? What are we gaining from this? There must be a better way?

You are not alone! Many companies crowbar meeting room technology into the organisation, without any real thought about how the technology is going to work in the reality of a business context.

The business has spent a fortune on slinging technology into spaces without any consultation with the actual people who are going to be using it, and as a result the equipment is under used and underappreciated.

ISDM centre themselves in the mind of the user. Everything that we build and install is designed with the user in mind.

We want to ensure that everything that is delivered to our customers is going to provide maximum benefit, and our customer can rest assured that their collaboration investment has been worthwhile.

Training and adoption forms the backbone of our delivery strategy, we want our solution, that we implement to impact positively on the working lives of a cross section of people within an organisation.

We want to revolutionise the way that company meetings take place, we don’t want to just build solutions that work.

We want to integrate great technology that provides a firm with a cohesive and highly functional meeting strategy that will serve every individual within the organisation.

Talk to ISDM Solutions to overhaul meetings within your company.

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