ISDM Solutions becomes Prysm Partner

Stephen Carlisle / 2 March 2018

ISDM Solutions have partnered with Prysm to start deploying this innovative solution within the UK.



Prysm visual workplace brings together employees wherever they may be.

A Frost and Sullivan survey has reported that 25% of meetings that occur now within the business have at least one remote employee. To this end, good quality collaboration has become even more relevant which makes the Prysm solution a vital tool in achieving good quality collaboration.

The goal here at ISDM is to ensure that we have a fully equipped product set, that goes beyond the expectations of our customers.



A recent Avanade survey has reported that making this shift to connecting in office and remote employees leads to faster outcomes, and businesses making the switch can expect up to 67% higher productivity and 53% higher employee engagement.

Prysm Visual Workplace combines applications, content, video conferencing and the web into a touch-interactive visual workspace where teams can simultaneously create, edit, share and store content to maximize productivity, regardless of device or geographical location.

ISDM is built on the foundations of great collaboration. We strive to empower organisations, giving them all the tools they need to come together and get work done and welcome the Prysm solution to our product portfolio.


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