Modern Slavery Statement


30th Nov 2020


ISDM Solutions Limited publish this, our 2021 Modern Slavery Statement, pursuant to the requirements placed on eligible UK businesses per the Modern Slavery Act 2015. ISDM Solutions Limited resolutely stands against slavery, servitude, forced labour, and human trafficking offences in the UK and abroad. The objective of this statement is to reiterate our commitment to:

1) Increase awareness of modern slavery; and
2) To ensure that no slavery, in any form as defined by the Modern Slavery Act, is being employed in our business or in our supply chains.


ISDM Solutions Ltd (Infrastructure – Service – Delivery – Management) was established in 2012 and has rapidly grown into an international operation, supporting our global business from our offices in Belfast, Halifax, Cambridge, Washington and Singapore.

ISDM Solutions Limited fully endorses the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and unreservedly condemns all forms of human slavery, human trafficking and forced labour.


As an organization ISDM Solutions Limited is committed to meeting high ethical standards and observing all applicable local, national and international laws wherever we do business. The group HR function is centrally controlled and managed with appropriate controls and policies to safeguard the rights and welfare of employees and allow them to safely report any abuses. Policies include:

  • Anti- Bribery
    • Bullying and Harassment
    • Grievance
    • Slavery and Human Trafficking
    • Whistleblowing

ISDM Solutions Limited complies fully with employment law applicable across the United Kingdom and those countries where we employ staff. The right for migrant workers to lawfully live and work in the UK is closely scrutinised as part of our UK recruitment process. We work closely with and are compliant to all regulations set out by UK Visas and Immigration. For all overseas operations, adherence to and compliance with local employment law and migration issues is closely supervised throughout the ISDM Solutions Limited Group recruitment processes.

ISDM Solutions Limited have systems and controls for managing the quality, efficiency, and proficiency processes within its supply chain. These controls are accredited. For example, ISO 9001

Working with our supply chain partners, ISDM Solutions Limited have, and will, continue to engage to incorporate anti-slavery and human trafficking terms as part of its agreements and contractual processes. Contracts also include obligations to comply with all applicable local, national and international laws, including new legislation introduced during the term of the contract. Requiring agreement of our supply chain partners to Modern Slavery legislation shows our resolve to spread awareness of this most important issue and send a message that as a company- we will not tolerate, reward, or knowingly contribute to this international problem.


ISDM Solutions Limited sells goods and services and also buys goods and services from third parties and it understands that there is a potential for exposure to Modern Slavery in any transaction.

ISDM Solutions Limited are confident in our ability to control risks within our UK operations, noting potential issues within supply chains in countries that are deemed to be at higher risk. As reported by the Thompson Reuters Foundation and other reputable organisations, there are certain countries that are identified as being at extreme risk of human rights offenses, including but not limited to the use of slave labour and human trafficking.

Where non-complaint behaviour is identified within our supply chain partners, ISDM Solutions Limited will unambiguously stress our requirements for compliant behaviour, we will rigorously meet our statutory responsibilities and take our subsequent business decisions accordingly.


ISDM Solutions Limited staff engage in training upon induction into the company, and ongoing training is part of staff development. On the first day of induction training, a new member of staff learns of the company’s zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery per our HR policy. Information regarding the company’s commitment to raising awareness of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is further provided in the ISDM Solutions Limited Company Handbook, provided to all employees. ISDM Solutions Limited in the upcoming fiscal year will continue to expand upon this curriculum. This slavery and human trafficking statement is available to all staff via the intranet.


Any individual who wishes to raise concern in relation to slavery of human trafficking should write to the ISDM Solutions Limited Legal Department in the first instance, for review and response:

HR Department
ISDM Solutions Limited

10 Cromac Place
The Gas Works,


Co. Antrim
BT7 2JB,
United Kingdom

This concludes ISDM Solutions Limited’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. This statement will be reviewed annually.

Rory Brannigan
Print: Rory Brannigan
ISDM Solutions Limited



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