Case Study: Royal London

Last year ISDM Solutions worked with Royal London to design and deploy a new collaboration solution. Changes or enhancements to ways of working can be challenging. A partner like ISDM Solutions can work to ensure that your teams can get the most out of a new deployment while not adversely affecting users.

Royal London were able to swiftly transition to a remote working strategy with relative ease in 2020, owing to a familiarity and high level of adoption with conferencing technology.

Like the rest of the world Royal London saw a rise in demand for remote conferencing and had to move swiftly to ensure that they could meet this demand.

Royal London and ISDM were able to explore in detail, what their collaboration options were and what would work would be required to start preparing for a successful deployment.

Post deployment ISDM Solutions worked with Royal London to design a bespoke training and adoption workshop to help ensure that users were armed with the knowledge they would need to get the most out of the new technology.

In this video we explore, what Royal London’s challenges were, how ISDM were able to help solve them, and what this means for the future of collaborative working at Royal London.

Watch the full video case study below on our YouTube channel