How Can ISDM Help with Hybrid Working?

What Is Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working is something that has become much more common since the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are adopting a ‘Hybrid Work Model’, with employees working from home 2-3 days a week and working in the office for the remaining days. 

Productivity has been reported the same from employees and employers alike, meaning allowing workers to work from home is a success for businesses. 

Policies for Hybrid Working

Many businesses and organisations have created policies for remote and hybrid working. HR teams across the UK have created these policies to ensure healthy and wellbeing for workers is the top priority. These policies include hybrid working workspace necessities such as Wi-Fi and a comfortable working area.

Due to the changing nature of business in the employee landscape, it’s essential that the hybrid working policies include people who may not be able to, or want to, work from home. 

It’s reported people who live alone or don’t have an ideal home working environment are more likely to come into the office to work. The hybrid work policies must include the ability for people to work from the office if they wish to do so. 

Embrace Technology Changes for Hybrid Working

Creating a hybrid working environment means your workforce needs to have access to the technology needed. Lots of businesses have adopted Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Hangouts to make hybrid working a lot more streamlined, especially with external meetings. 

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams are ideal for companies already using Microsoft products or are in the Microsoft universe. Many businesses used Skype for business before, so Microsoft Teams is the perfect choice with the same layout. 


Zoom has been used for business and leisure throughout the pandemic. With friends meeting over the platform alongside work. Zoom also offers packages for their platform, so you can choose which is best for your business.

ISDM Solutions are partnered with Zoom, helping to create the ideal atmosphere for hybrid work spaces. Although part of your work force may be across the country, or even global, having a bespoke meeting room set up means a streamlined meeting for all. 

Having a close partnership with Zoom means we are able to offer full hardware packages depending on each business’ needs. Making sure your office space is fully equipped with video conferencing hardware including HD displays, speaker systems and wireless presentation systems.

Having your business space equipped with the hardware and software is just the start. ISDM Solutions are on hand to give a full in-person training to staff, so everyone will be able to use the new technology when taking part in a hybrid work model.

Hybrid Workspace Technology Support

When creating a hybrid workspace, it’s important to offer the hardware and software needed. However, making sure that all staff can use the technology is essential. 

ISDM Solutions Care offers support to users with our hardware and software, eliminating the need for an expensive in-house support expert. As we have created a bespoke hybrid workspace solution, having our team on hand to help makes the transition smoother. 

Businesses thrive off support, with our self-service portal it’s easier than ever to log an issue and get it fixed fast and efficiently. Support is available either via email, telephone or on-site, depending on the type of support required and the bundle that’s chosen.

ISDM & Hybrid Working

Wondering how to keep your hybrid work model streamlined and your workforce happy? ISDM Solutions creates a perfect working environment for all industries and business sizes. Large teams with several offices and small businesses with lots of external calls will benefit from our AV solutions and support. 

Enquire today to see how we can help your business move into the hybrid workspace flawlessly.