Let’s Talk Network Security

Network Security has recently gained prominence in the world of Cloud networking. Cloud networking is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. Within the broad umbrella of cloud, networking is a focus on security and encompasses a broad set of policies, technologies, applications and controls utilised to protect IP, data and services.

These terms may sound a bit too common nowadays since we have moved to an era where most services are now cloud-based, but actually, we are still seeing that many customers have still not fully embraced the cloud-based mentality. 

But What Is Network Security exactly?

Network security is an umbrella term referring to a variety of technologies, devices and processes. In a few words, Network Security encompasses all the rules and configurations that safeguard computer networks by protecting the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of data. Network Security uses software and hardware to do its job, and it must be a priority for every company no matter its size, infrastructure or sector of operation. As cyber threats are on the rise, even the smallest organisations have to put in place a small Network Security infrastructure, or they might encounter unwanted surprises that could end up costing them way more than a simple security infrastructure.

Choosing The Best Network Security Tools For You

So what Network Security tools are available? There are many out there, all with valid arguments, but the one I want to talk about in particular is Cisco Meraki.

Network Security with Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki offers the only solution that provides unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from a centralised dashboard. Meraki’s most amazing feature isn’t just that it hides all of this complexity in the cloud, but that it creates the perfect marriage of all technology stacks: whether it is routing or switching, video surveillance, data analytics, cellular gateways, security appliances and much more, you will find it in that single dashboard.  I call this “Single pane of glass management.”

In many customer environments today, we see various technology vendors with a multitude of technology solutions that do not integrate fully. They have their own separate management and their own configuration programming languages which can lead to a lot of confusion should something go wrong.

Meraki has by far beaten this approach by breaking the old habits of attempting to integrate many little vendor solutions to create an integrated network, because it is already a centralised dashboard – the single pane of glass management platform for all our products – it just makes life simpler.

Additionally, it offers native API integrations, therefore we are not only seeing the best cloud management solution but also a big player in the Smart IoT space: this allows us to maximise the investment in smart sensors to create business outcomes needed today, for example being able to distinguish objects to people.

Network Security with ISDM

Here at ISDM, we take pride in helping our customers choose the right solutions based on their needs and business outcomes. Simplifying powerful technology we help free passionate people to focus on their mission and reach groups previously left in the dark.

Cloud Networking is more important than ever given the current climate we find ourselves in. In this age of remote and home working, customers want technology that simply works. Meraki is one of those solutions… and it’s a game-changer. Make sure your company knows what network security is, and keep your network safe with Meraki.

Alex Pozzi

CTO, Enterprise Networks – ISDM

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