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ISDM Solutions becomes Prysm Partner

By Stephen Carlisle / 2 March 2018

ISDM Solutions have partnered with Prysm to start deploying this innovative solution within the UK.     Prysm visual workplace brings together employees wherever they may be. A Frost and Sullivan survey has reported that 25% of meetings that occur now within the business have at least one remote employee. To this end, good quality collaboration has become even more…

ISDM Solutions becomes Zoom Partner

By Stephen Carlisle / 27 February 2018

ISDM Solutions have signed a deal to become a distributor of the Zoom video conferencing solution in the UK.   ISDM’s rise from 2012 through to the present day has been stratospheric, with the company becoming the collaborations partner to a number of large pharmaceutical enterprises, corporate finance companies, in addition to educational establishments. ISDM Read More »

How can I better manage meeting rooms within my company?

By Stephen Milner / 1 December 2017

Poor resource management With large organisations come meeting rooms, which often means a constant stream of using these facilities on any given day. The systems to manage these facilities can be haphazard, with sticky notes on doors or people verbally stating that they will be using a specfic room. Other issues can include no-shows, which Read More »

This stuff never works!

By Karen McWhirter / 29 November 2017

Picture the scene, you walk into a meeting room, and you try to begin a meeting with participants scattered around the globe. The picture is grainy, the audio is patchy and to cap it all of the HDMI cable that you had been planning to use to present is broken. Exasperated you sigh, your plans Read More »

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