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How to have better meetings

By Karen McWhirter / 21 November 2017

Meetings, meetings and even more meetings! Some companies seem to fill their employee’s calendars with endless get together, often sapping productivity and energy and leaving workers wondering: “Why on earth am I even here?” So how can you go about fixing this problem? Name the meeting Firstly it might be a good idea to give every meeting a title, that…

Working with Stakeholders

By Stephen Carlisle / 15 November 2017

Working with Stakeholders One of the core principles of ISDM Solutions is: Involve the right people, but what does this really mean? ISDM works extensively on new building constructions. With this comes a whole host of other contractors. The Construction company, architects, telephone architects, electricians, IT installers, client representatives and of course the client themselves. Read More »

A complete solution that works

By Rory Brannigan / 9 November 2017

A complete solution that works What defines you? What sets you apart? What is it that makes your business so special? Why should we choose you and not one of your competitors? I think in today’s competitive market place it is something that companies should continually be asking themselves? What really makes you different from Read More »

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