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Make sure your messages always hit the target with a bespoke digital signage solution. Step up your digital communications game with ISDM, leveraging the benefits of the latest digital signage technology and the world-class support of our customer care team.

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How we do Digital Signage

At ISDM, we strive to provide the best possible digital signage solutions, adopting all of the latest technological developments. Our digital displays are based on dynamic touch screen technology to provide a pleasant and intuitive user experience, exceeding your team’s expectations.

Embrace the digital age and enjoy the futuristic simplicity of our cutting-edge digital signage technology on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and video walls. 

ISDM’s digital signage offering includes:

  • Digital Advertising Screens
  • Outdoor Digital Signage
  • Interactive Digital Signage
  • Wayfinding Technology
  • Digital Signage Software

What is Digital Signage?

Even though you might not realise it, digital signage forms a big part of modern life. While driving, walking or cycling down the road during your morning commute, you most-likely encounter some form of digital signage or digital display.

In the corporate world, we refer to digital signage as:

“A sub-segment of signage. Digital signage uses screen technologies such as LCD & LED to display content, be it information, imagery, video or audio-visual. You can typically find digital signage in public spaces, such as sporting venues, retail stores, restaurants and corporate buildings. Digital signage solutions provide wayfinding, internal communication and advertising solutions”.

In short, digital signage allows your company to display any message on a screen of any size, be it static or interactive. The definition is broad, as are the various digital signage uses.

Digital signage is highly versatile, allowing companies to control the messages they want to convey on their premises in an agile and adaptable manner.

Choosing the right digital signage solution

While it’s a smart call to invest in digital signage, it’s critical that you start with the end-goal in mind and ask the right questions before pulling the trigger. This initial development process ensures you go for the best digital signage fit for your business application, maximising the benefits of these powerful tools.

Here’s a set of questions that will help you narrow down the options at the start of your selection process.

How many digital signage displays do you need?

Evaluate the size of your premises: how many digital displays do you think you will need? Envision the critical locations where digital displays should be placed and try to quantify it.

There’s no right or wrong solution with your fleet’s size, and thanks to our cloud-based management software, managing one screen is as easy as managing a hundred.

What is your digital signage project’s goal?

This question mostly relates to the needs that make you want to implement digital signage. Are you looking for a wayfinding solution at your premises? Are you looking to implement a fleet of digital advertising screens to showcase your latest products and services?

Understanding this and formulating a content strategy for your digital signage project will help to pave the way forward, concretely preparing you for implementation.

What’s your budget and timeline?

There’s no way around it: time and money are still two deciding criteria when obtaining a digital signage solution. At ISDM, the success and satisfaction of our customers form at the heart of our mission.

For this reason, we vow to be with you throughout every step of the way. Our customer success division, will design a bespoke digital signage solution that meets the needs and requirements of your organisation, regardless of your size or budget.

Fully-bespoke digital signage infrastructure

After carefully evaluating the various options and technology, you can focus on shaping your digital signage infrastructure exactly how you want it. Thanks to our agile approach, obtaining suitable digital signage for your business is both easy and straightforward. We provide the right combination of support, software, and hardware to help you achieve your digital signage goals.

Digital Signage & Wayfinding bespoke display

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