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Meeting room management has never been easier. Manage all your meeting rooms, customer and vendor visits with a dynamic meeting room booking system. Gain priceless insight into room usage, productivity, and utilisation. Enjoy the scalable benefits of Cloud-based meeting room booking software that will free your business up from inefficient room occupancy and allow you to maximise your premises’ potential.

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Take the guesswork out of meeting room booking

Booking a conference room should not be a daunting task. However, inefficiencies, and unproductive processes often result in double bookings, increased workload on your administration team and a general sense of frustration. Implementing a bespoke meeting room booking system can help your company leave the frustration behind, and breeze through meeting after meeting. By providing an intuitive, user-friendly experience, meeting room booking software showcases every important information about your rooms, their conditions and capacities. Flawlessly managing meeting facilities, visitors, hospitality services and video conferencing is now possible thanks to our meeting room booking systems.

Here are just a select few advantages that a dedicated meeting room booking system can provide:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity & collaboration
  • Space usage analytics and room booking controls
  • Reduced real estate costs

A brand new room reservation experience

Make every reservation simple: monitor your staff and vendors across locations and timezones. Easily oversee reservations and available rooms. Create your own room set-up rules, and let an admin easily manage them from an intuitive control panel. Our user interface allows you to monitor all aspects of your meeting rooms, as well as the schedule and related services.

Finding the right room for your meeting will only take you a few clicks, and an informative list will summarise room details for you in real-time. At ISDM, we’re also able to take your cloud-based room booking system to the next level by integrating with your digital signage so that you can deliver important messages to staff and guests.

More Productivity With A Cloud-Based Meeting Room Booking System

It’s no surprise that meetings are a big part of modern working life. Implementing a cloud-based room booking system can help you change the negative connotation of time-wasting and time generally better-off spent doing something else that is typically associated with meetings. Contrarily, the nature of meetings should bolster productivity, collaboration, and promote innovative behaviours. Meetings’ bad image generally stems from ill-experiences, including waiting times, frustration related to booking the right room, and difficulty in locating devices (cables, projectors and similar). At ISDM, we make sure that our customer care division understands your business needs and tailors the right solutions for your company to make the most of your meetings.

The Ultimate Usage Analytics and Room Booking Toolkit

Tracking usage data across your venue, including workstations and meeting rooms, is all-too-often overlooked. However, it can bring many benefits, including the generation of a significant amount of data that can be worked in taking any rightsizing decisions. With an integrated meeting room booking system, questions such as “how often is this meeting room being used?”, “what is the average number of people in a meeting?” and “does actual occupancy match intended occupancy?” will not remain a mystery but will be answered, allowing you to make informed decisions about your meeting space infrastructure.

Visualising this data will not only help you to have an understanding of how efficiently your company is accessing meeting space but also enable you to pinpoint patterns in preferences by the business groups, desirable and undesirable practices.

Save on Real Estate Costs with Meeting Room Booking Software

Besides the other benefits outlined above, implementing an integrated meeting room booking system will make sure that your facilities are just the right size for your company, preventing inefficiencies and making sure you are not paying more than what you really need. Our mission is to create the right framework for your organisation to thrive: our customer success division will make sure that the solution you choose is the right fit for you.
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