Smart Buildings

Building on the latest smart building technologies and innovations, we partner with the best companies to provide stand-alone or integrated intelligent building solutions. Leveraging the power of IoT and our know-how, we design smart building solutions that help you optimise efficiency and operational processes to make your workplaces more connected and responsive than ever before.

We are committed to working with you, designing a tailor-made solution that helps your business’ future, while also being better for the environment.

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Why implement a smart building strategy?

We design sustainable solutions to deliver your desired outcomes- creating smarter buildings that work for you. Our smart building and space management solutions provide a bespoke platform for your Facilities Managers to operate from a single pane of glass.

Smart buildings are great, both for your company and for the environment – an intelligent building can go a long way in helping companies be more productive, save a lot of money, and respect the environment more. Sustainable, smart buildings are the future and thanks to recent advances in the enabling technologies, there’s no reason why you should not implement a smart building strategy right now.
At ISDM, we provide an intuitive platform that your facility managers can operate from a single panel of glass. We know every business is not the same; this is why we focus on crafting solutions around your business that will simply make your life easier, and your buildings more powerful.

The many benefits of implementing a smart building solution include:

  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Reduction in energy consumption and costs
  • Improved health and wellbeing for employees and visitors
  • Improved productivity and operational efficiency
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • A more agile working environment

Intelligent buildings can change your business

Smart offices

Our concept of office has been revolutionised at mind-blowing pace during the last months, as now more than ever flexibility has become a crucial aspect of modern work. Giving your employees full flexibility is now a non-negotiable. Our smart office systems let you support your team with all the tools they need to be at their best, day in, day out.

ISDM’s smart building technology empowers your workforce, building on the latest innovations to enable your talent to work better, faster, and smarter. Speeding up on the more superficial and menial jobs allows your people to have enough time to focus on growing your business and enhancing their innovative behaviors. Good smart office software provides your company with ways of gathering, crunching, and analysing data that you can use to spot trends and draw strategies that help your workforce communicate better.

By turning your premises into smart offices, you’re likely to improve the relationships between your workforce, as they’ll be less stressed, increase productivity thanks to the enabling devices you provide, and ultimately boost employee happiness. Having happier people means you can expect your employee retention rates to go up, saving you human resources and onboarding costs and building a loyal, engaged workforce.

Save on energy costs with building automation systems

It sounds counterintuitive, but smart buildings are a great investment cost-wise. It is estimated that non-residential buildings account for 10-15% of carbon emissions, taking a toll on peoples’ health as well as your company’s precious resources. Turning to an intelligent building can help you save about 15-25% of your energy costs, while also making sure you provide your employees with great tools that boost their productivity. As lawmakers have emissions top of their agenda, smart buildings are the future, thanks to their guarantees of operational efficiency and energy savings.

Happier, safer employees and visitors thanks to smart offices

Keeping your visitors and employees safe and healthy is crucial, as all of us recently learned. Airflow, lighting, atmosphere are all crucial factors in making or breaking your building, or leaving a positive impression on a client during their visit to their premises.
The work environment plays an important role in productivity, as noisy, cold, environments with poor air quality tend to drag employee focus and efficiency down. Advances in indoor positioning technology also help your organisation to know which rooms are getting too crowded, avoiding unpleasant situations and keeping everyone safe.

Smart building, productive workers

Smart buildings are all about data and learning: artificial intelligence and machine learning can understand how your people work, how they interact with your building, gaining a deeper understanding about how everyone interacts with the provided working environment.
Data-driven optimisation allows your company to further improve its work environment, turning it into a catalyst for innovative behaviours and growth opportunities. By combining smart technology with design, you start your journey to the “office of tomorrow”. By optimising environmental conditions such as lighting and temperature, you will provide more comfort for your employees, which, in turn, boosts their performance.

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