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Whether you rent or own your current office space, effective space management systems are vital for ensuring your organisation derives maximum value from your premises. Our team of space management experts will work directly with your facilities management team to equip your organisation with the most effective space management solution for your business.

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The Need For Effective Space Management Systems

Office space serves as not only a significant portion of your overhead, but as the apex of your daily operations.

An efficiently-managed office space can boost employee productivity & wellbeing, reduce overhead and maximise your revenue. 

Tangentially, working habits have undergone substantial change in recent years. Remote working and independent contracting services have skyrocketed in popularity, as have work-from-home policies for full-time employees.

This is in addition to the already-agile nature of office-based work, including business travel to meet with customers or suppliers. 

This requires businesses to not only monitor the usage of their space closely, but to adopt an adaptable and agile space management system to ensure the space is being used as efficiently as possible.

This includes reviewing the demand for facilities, monitoring activity across the office and adapting the space accordingly to ensure operations are as efficient and accessible as possible.

Our Space Management Process

As a fully-managed service organisation, ISDM takes full control of the entire process when implementing an effective space management system for your business, from the initial consultation through to ongoing support & management. 

We’ll work closely with you to devise a bespoke space management system that’s both cost-effective and results-driven. Once we’ve installed and configured your infrastructure, we’ll provide full training for your staff as well as ongoing customer care & support for your space management needs. 

Having implemented hundreds of space management systems for a wide range of enterprises, we’ve identified five key areas to take into consideration when devising a space management solution:


Firstly, we’ll conduct data-driven research to assess how well your space is currently serving your business. This includes monitoring employee behaviour and habits, as well as room occupation and footfall.

We’ll also take into account your overhead and margins to affirm the current ROI on your use of the space, as well as how it can be improved with a well-suited space management system.

Employee Wellbeing

With the remarkable rise of remote working and the booming popularity of hybrid working, it’s crucial to factor employee wellbeing into your space management system

Lack of in-person contact within your team can lead to feelings of disengagement, fatigue and lethargy as well as a sense of disconnection from co-workers. An effective space management system can allow your business to implement an effective hybrid working model and maximise in-person contact to place employee wellbeing at the forefront of your business.

Maximum Occupancy

Maximum occupancy refers to the maximum number of employees that can work within the space, while having adequate access to the resources they need to fulfill their role. 

We’ll work with you to gain a thorough overview of your maximum occupancy, as well as how this can be optimised and implemented into your space management system to ensure you’re making the most of the space available.


One of the hallmarks of an effective space management system is the use of suitable infrastructure. Through the implementation of UA Sense (our primary space management software solution), we’ll ensure you have the space planning tools you need to make the most of your space.

This includes features such as automated room booking and footfall monitoring to ensure each facet of your office is effectively-managed. 

We’ll also look to implement systems such as hot-desking to ensure you’re able to reduce your overhead as much as possible without compromising on employee wellbeing or productivity.


Transparency within your team is crucial when implementing a space management system. While space management software provides rich data on the use of your space, it’s vital to take into account the thoughts and opinions of your team on their preferred use of the space.

This ensures that all space management decisions are made not only in the best interests of your productivity and profitability in mind, but also the wellbeing and efficiency of your staff.

  • Reconnaissance
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Infrastructure
  • Transparency

Space Management Software

Using the privacy-first sensor solution UMA Sense, we help businesses gain rich insight into the use of their space, as well as how to manage and optimise it on an ongoing basis. 

UMA Sense works in real-time, monitoring maximum occupancy as well as the overall use of every square foot of your office space, providing valuable data on how to maximise the use of your space. 

UMA Sense is built with GDPR compliance in mind, with robust security solutions in place to ensure your data won’t be compromised in the event of a breach. 

As well as full installation and configuration, ISDM provides extensive staff training on the use of UMA Sense to ensure you’re deriving maximum benefit from your use of the software.

Through our ongoing support service, we’ll remain on-hand every step of the way to ensure your space management software is working as needed. 

UMA Sense’s features include:

Advanced Wireless Technology

UMA Sense operates with advanced wireless sensors, meaning you won’t have to wire them into your existing network infrastructure. This allows for maximum interoperability as well as ease of use.

Bespoke Tracking

UMA Sense tracks a wide variety of different datasets to allow for effective space management. This includes footfall, capacity, air quality, electricity usage, parking spaces and temperature. 

Whichever metrics you need to devise an effective space management system, you’ll obtain them with UMA Sense.

Data-Driven Analytics

UMA Sense provides rich data on the use of your space, yet presents it in an easy-to-understand manner along with suggestions for improvement.

Data is tracked and managed in real-time via an innovative user dashboard, which can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. Here, you’ll find data-driven recommendations on location, facilities management, sizing, H&S compliance and space capacity.


UMA Sense takes care of the ‘busywork’ for you by integrating with your existing cloud infrastructure and leveraging automated technology. 

Room sensors provide real-time data on room occupancy and availability, which can be integrated with your meeting room booking system.

One of the hallmark features of UMA sense is the ‘auto-book’ feature. When an employee walks into one of your meeting rooms, UMA Sense can detect this and book the space for a predetermined amount of time.

If the system detects a no-show, it’ll release the booking after a fixed period of time and mark the room as available for booking in your meeting room booking software.

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