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The world is embracing remote work. Are you sure you still need large meeting spaces in the office environment? Choosing the right video conferencing solution can be a daunting task, given the proliferation of conferencing software. ISDM’s video and audio engineers’ team consults you on what’s best for your company, advising, guiding and supporting you throughout the process to ensure a stress-free experience.

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When it comes to picking the right solution for you, there’s no right or wrong. Want to transform existing space into a Huddle Room, meeting room, boardroom or interactive room? Learn how these types of rooms can facilitate engaging, interactive meetings. With British workers spending over 10% of their workweek in meetings, ensuring your company has the right tools to make meetings efficient is crucial.

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Why your company needs video conferencing solutions

With over 60% of the national population working from home, and more than a third planning to keep on remote working, permanently or at least partially, video conferences have become a standard in everyone’s workdays. While this unforeseen and accelerated trend projected companies in the future, larger corporations have been dealing with cloud video conferencing for a long time. Trying to keep their regional teams on the same page, creating a sense of belonging and generally making sure their online experience is reliable and effective as their in-person.

Additionally, video conferencing has also replaced work social events at a time when they are not available. Calls have enabled people to feel connected and “part of the team” in company-wide meetings and build their work relationships online-first.

In short, the flexibility of video conferencing has boosted employee productivity, being just one click away from all their colleagues. Speed, no need for premises and almost null entry barriers have made video conferencing extremely popular in the modern workspace. The rise of Bring your own device policies further enabled employees to connect to meetings anywhere, at any time.

In parallel, on-premises optimisations have recently been on the rise for meeting rooms, with huddle rooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms and interactive rooms becoming as popular as ever.

Huddle Rooms

Long gone are the days of meetings in large meeting rooms. Recently, huddle rooms have been on the rise for video conferencing. A huddle room is a smaller meeting room, typically equipped with audio and video tools. Huddle rooms are popular quick team meeting venues, even though the rise of video conferencing transformed them into meeting rooms, where video meetings between colleagues and customers frequently happen. Contrarily to traditional meeting rooms, huddle rooms typically don’t require prior reservations. Given their new purpose, audio and video capabilities inside huddle rooms must be up to standard to guarantee high-quality conference calls.

Medium and large conference rooms

About half of the global workforce participates in meetings either in medium or large conference rooms. With most meetings taking place in the form of cloud video conferencing, you must check whether your facilities are up to standard or if they require an upgrade following the recent drive digital video conferencing solutions. Rather than a replacement for traditional face-to-face meetings, at ISDM, we consider video conferencing solutions to be a means of improving communication & relationships, allowing global teams to interact as if they were in the same room.

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