Wireless Presentation Systems

Having the right technology in place is essential for productive and efficient gatherings. Professional meetings require reliable and seamless connectivity in order to ensure dynamic and efficient conference calls. 

Our wireless presentation systems are interoperable and easy-to-use, without the need for excessive wires, adaptors or technology. Put simply, they make attending or hosting an online meeting or presentation so much easier.

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What We Offer

At ISDM, we understand that people work differently, whether it’s in the office, working from home or even working on-the-go. Our solutions offer user-friendly and helpful alternatives to traditional technology options. 

We understand that the average employee can spend several hours per week attending or hosting meetings; that’s why having the right infrastructure in place can make all the difference. Making your working life easier and saving precious time are top priorities for us. 

Our wireless presentation technology systems can help bring your teams together, achieve goals and streamline communication. The infrastructure we provide is designed to be future proof, ensuring longevity and maximising your ROI. 

With a wireless presentation solution from ISDM, you’ll be able to start collaborative meetings with colleagues, clients or associates without having to battle wires and excessive set-ups.

Instantly connect laptops and tablets with the presentation device without causing awkward delays to attendees. Connect and share seamlessly and get on with what matters most to you and your business.

A Fully-Managed Wireless Presentation Solution

As a fully-managed provider, ISDM takes control of the entire process when implementing a wireless presentation solution for your business, from the initial consultation through to installation & ongoing support.

We’ll work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your business and devise a bespoke wireless presentation solution that meets your specific requirements.

Once we’ve devised, implemented and configured the system, we’ll provide full usage training for your team and offer ongoing customer support for the infrastructure.

  • Bespoke Implementation
  • Fully-Managed
  • Ongoing Care & Support

What Is A Wireless Presentation System?

A wireless presentation system is a small router-like device that enables you to mirror your computer, smartphone or tablet content onto a shared projector, flat panel, or TV monitor.

This can be done without having to plug in any cables; presenters can easily switch between documents without needing to unplug or experience long waiting times. 

Wireless presentation systems are perfect for saving time. They’re different from traditional wireless dongles in the sense that they’re specifically designed to improve collaboration and media sharing without having to plug in cables or rely on an IT helpdesk to start a meeting.

What Are The Benefits of Wireless Presentation Systems?

There’s nothing more infuriating than having to call a meeting short or having to contact the office IT department because the tech for your presentation isn’t working.

Wireless presentation systems get rid of those common issues that crop up when digitally presenting and instead offer seamless connectivity and instant integration.

Seamless Connectivity

If your office space encourages bringing your own device (BYOD) to work, it will most likely be a laptop or tablet. Modern laptops and tablets don’t always carry an HDMI port or other cable ports in order to share their screen in a presentation setting.

Wireless presentation systems allow users to display their content easily without having to plug in any wires. This saves valuable time for both meeting presenters and attendees. 

Connect any device quickly and hassle-free with a wireless presentation system. Without the need to plug any wires in, modern laptops and smartphones won’t require you to update software in order to use the presentation system.

This can happen with more traditional sharing devices and can cause a lot of wasted time. Participants can effortlessly enter a meeting room and start presenting straight away.


Wireless presentation systems have a variety of range capabilities. This means that your device will perform perfectly in both large and small office environments.

If you’re hosting a presentation in a large conference room, or a more compact side meeting room or office, you’ll be able to connect seamlessly with your peers and share your slides or documents. 

With the ability to easily connect and share content within meetings and conferences, you can encourage creative collaborations and discussions without having to pause to connect laptops to monitors or switch wires to a different device.

Wireless presentation set-ups  allow participants to quickly and efficiently share their screens from different devices.

No Clutter

Going wireless means you can say goodbye to excessive wires cluttering up your conference or meeting rooms. Messy wires aren’t professional; if you have visiting clients, the last thing you want is for them to trip over bulky wires or to sit in a messy looking meeting room. 

Wireless presentation systems connect without cables, meaning you can keep your office or meeting room looking polished and proficient. Wireless presentation systems are compact devices, ideal for room-to-room usage or behind a screen or projector.

Although these systems require cable connections to the display, network and power supply, users can connect their devices wirelessly.

Does Your Business Need A Wireless Presentation Device?

If your company hosts digitally-based meetings on a daily basis then your organisation – as well as your clients – could greatly benefit from a wireless presentation upgrade. Pitches and presentations to customers can be more professional and efficient when using a wireless presentation system

Save time and prevent unnecessary stress by upgrading your presentation set-up. Seamlessly connect multiple devices and start sharing ideas with your peers or clients. This particular service is perfect for any sector that involves collaborative discussions, pitches or education based meetings. 

Training sessions are much smoother and effective with a wireless presentation system. Quickly and successfully present content and documents at just the click of a button.

Any business can benefit from acquiring a wireless presentation system.

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