Cisco Designed (Small Business Solutions)

There is a perception in the IT industry that Cisco Solutions are just for the large enterprise customers. This is not the case. We work with Cisco to offer a specific “Cisco Designed” small business portfolio providing a lower cost of entry for your technology while still providing the performance and reliability you expect.


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What we offer

Small businesses are increasingly becoming a target for malicious activities so it’s no surprise that security has become a key consideration for all organisations – regardless of size. We are committed to supporting small businesses in the following areas:

  • Work from home: how to meet and collaborate with employees and customers securely
  • Cyber-crime protection: how to safeguard from identity theft, hackers and internet attacks
  • Always-on business: how to provide easy installation and reliable IT services using cloud technology
  • Workplace monitoring: how to enable safe social distancing and real time monitoring
  • Future or new office: how to improve productivity and security at shared physical work spaces

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