Network as a Service (NaaS)

ISDM’s Network as a Service solution is available for all different sized businesses, including companies with multiple offices. Our NaaS will provide you with all the tools you need, including network equipment, network services and support all wrapped into a single, easy monthly subscription.

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What We Offer In Our NaaS

ISDM’s NaaS offers speed, agility and scalability. Network as a service is designed to simplify how hardware and software technologies are managed. An SD-WAN or ‘software-defined wide area network’ can also be deployed alongside our Network as a Service. This is a value-added service with our NaaS to enhance performance, security and application experience as a whole.

Benefits of Using NaaS for your Business

Enhanced Security

Data breaches are a big concern for all companies, no matter what size. Your business security needs to be up to scratch; using a NaaS means tighter integration between the network and network security. Our NaaS specialists work with you to recommend tailored platforms for your business needs.

Access To NaaS Engineers

At ISDM, we have engineers who are experienced with network as a service issues, problems and repairs. As a NaaS partner, we will be with you every step of the way, including implementation right through to long term support.

Work From Home With NaaS

Network as a service means access to your work from anywhere. In today’s working landscape, people need access to their work from multiple different locations. Using a NaaS also means you do not have to rely on a VPN.

Consistent NaaS Maintenance

Maintenance within your Network as a Service needs to be proactive rather than reactive. ISDM’s NaaS clients benefit from early detections of potential issues that may cause problems in their businesses. Providing tools within our maintenance network services means ISDM can start repairing the issue before it affects your business.

NaaS Scalability & Cost Reduction

Securing more hardware for your business is time consuming and costly. Having NaaS means it’s much simpler to increase or decrease your capacity. Reducing business costs by a significant amount, Network as a Service is one monthly subscription fee and ISDM will take care of the rest.

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Improved application experience
  • Visibility and insights
  • Enhanced security
  • Access from anywhere
  • IT simplicity and automation

NaaS Bundles

Whether you have a single office,  multiple offices regardless of the size, we have a Network as a Service solution that will provide you with simple procurement of network equipment, services and support all wrapped into a single monthly subscription. Our Solution incorporates 3 bundle offers to fit most business sizes over a 36-month contract term with the flexibility to add further services on request such as cloud security for example to further secure the network and your users.

In addition to this offer, we can provide you with a free Meraki trial to give you the opportunity to test out the network equipment that underpins this solution and to see the benefits for yourself before committing to a contract. Please reach out to us today to find out more.

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