Network Audit

ISDM’s network audit service will review your current installed base of hardware and software solutions. ISDM will then consult with your key department stakeholders to discuss your future technology needs. This will allow a plan to be developed for future upgrades – including timelines when network audits are needed – to ensure your business does not have surprises and unexpected costs.

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ISDM’s Network Audit Process

Our Network Auditing Process consists of an end to end, fully engaged service. ISDM’s experienced team of network auditors will complete a full audit run-down using our latest network auditing tools and software. We will install the software needed to complete scheduled network audits, alongside help and training for your staff.

Network Auditing Planning

Our auditors have over 10 years of experience. Whilst the auditing technologies and tools have changed dramatically over this period of time, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with them.

The first step in any network audit is to plan the audit thoroughly, which is where our expertise comes in. Whilst planning an network audit, businesses must be informed from management, all the way to the IT team.

Getting to know an organisation’s network means knowing where both the hardware and software is located. Having access to all devices is pivotal in the auditing process.

Network Auditing Analysis

We provide full audit reports with inventory and analysis alongside network equipment examinations. Our simple audit report breakdown means you’ll be able to see where your business needs to improve, as well as identifying security risks that will need to be addressed.

However, we don’t just analyse the network audits, we also design and implement new network infrastructures. We can provide advice and instruction on reducing overall costs whilst future-proofing your business.

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