Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella provides the first line of defence against threats on the internet wherever the users are, and delivers visibility into all cloud services in use across your environment, with the ability to block malicious attempts or enforce corporate policies for all.

Cisco Umbrella Key Features

DNS Layer Security

Umbrella’s DNS-layer security protects your users on and off the network by stopping threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints.

Secure web gateway

Umbrella’s secure web gateway logs and inspects web traffic for full visibility, URL and application controls, and protection against malware.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Umbrella exposes shadow IT by providing the ability to detect and report on cloud applications in use across your organization. For discovered apps, view details on vendor, category, and activity volume to better manage cloud adoption and reduce risk

Interactive threat intelligence

Cisco’s unique view of the internet gives us unprecedented insight into malicious domains, IPs, and URLs. Umbrella Investigate provides real-time context on malware, phishing, botnets, trojans and other threats enabling faster incident investigation and response.


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