Stealthwatch is the only solution that detects threats across your private network, public clouds, and even in encrypted traffic. Only 56% of security incidents are investigated and more than half of those are not remediated. Responding to these incidents and alerts is an overwhelming job. Companies of all sizes face the challenge of securing their public cloud environments as well as their on-premises infrastructure

Cisco Stealthwatch is the most comprehensive visibility and network traffic security analytics solution that uses enterprise telemetry from the existing network infrastructure. A single, agentless solution allows visibility across the extended network, including endpoints, branch, data centre, and cloud.

Automatic Configuration and Threat Detection. Stealthwatch Cloud automatically detects early indicators of compromise.

Stealthwatch Features

Valuable Alerts

Stealthwatch cloud receives a wide variety of telemetry and logs. If an entry shows abnormal behaviour or signs of malicious activity and alert is generated so it can be investigated quickly.

Regulatory Compliance

Monitor your organisation for compliance with industry regulations such as PCI.

Easy Management & scalability

Stealthwatch Cloud is delivered as a service, making it easy to try, buy and use.

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