Simplify and strengthen security with Cisco SecureX

It’s a challenging time for security teams. The workforce has to be protected anywhere, on any device. At the same time, workers need easy access to the digital workplace, which means every part of your infrastructure has to be safe, and workloads have to be secured wherever they are running, 24/7. And all the while, cyber threats are getting more sophisticated. Cisco SecureX helps your security team tackle the demanding challenges of the office/remote hybrid working model.

Disconnection and repetition

The explosion of homeworking has led to increased security risks and a heavier workload. Many security teams have found themselves buried under repetitive manual tasks, made worse by having to hop between multiple consoles and make sense of inconsistent alerts. It’s clear that disconnected vendors and products are a drain on resources, and businesses are looking for an answer.

A connected security infrastructure

Cisco recognised that these issues were affecting security teams’ daily experience and set out to change its security portfolio for the better – addressing manual workflows, siloes and limited resources. The result is the recently launched Cisco SecureX.

SecureX is an open, cloud-native platform that connects the Cisco Secure portfolio to a customer’s infrastructure. It brings all security workflows into a simpler, more consistent experience across endpoints, cloud, network and applications. You get unified visibility with cross-product analytics, boosting operational efficiency and response capabilities.

Do more in less time

SecureX puts time back in the day – great for the security team and the business. It’s been shown that SecureX reduces dwell time by 72%, cutting down on investigation tasks so teams spend less time threat hunting and staying compliant. By orchestrating and automating security across SecOps, NetOps and ITOps teams, businesses can save 100 hours on average1. Also, you can get started with SecureX in just 15 minutes, so you feel the benefits fast. Let’s dive a little deeper into what this new platform brings to the working day.

Unified visibility across your security portfolio

SecureX gives you a customisable dashboard that provides unified visibility across all parts of your security portfolio, both Cisco and third-party solutions. It delivers operational metrics, activity feeds and the latest threat intelligence, with full case management that’s native to the platform. It means you can always see what matters to you, and maintain context around incidents in one location when navigating consoles.

Automation and orchestration made simple

A significant advancement from Cisco, SecureX brings multi-domain orchestration and automation capabilities to customers. It spans networking, IoT, cloud, collaboration and data centres, with over 50 adapters available. Better still, it uses a no/low code approach, so you don’t need a team of automation experts. SecureX features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, so you can build workflows with ease. Automation of routine tasks reduces errors and accelerates threat response, while lightening the load on the security team.

Threat hunting protects your environment

One of the key capabilities of the platform is SecureX Threat Hunting. Cisco customers can now benefit from the expertise of Talos – the largest non-governmental threat intelligence agency2. Threat Hunting is tailored to your environment and takes a proactive, analyst centred approach. If a threat is identified, you get full details of how the threat was spotted and what actions should be taken to remediate the threat.

Giving you eXtra

Every Cisco Secure customer is entitled to SecureX, and clearly customers think SecureX is worth having as it has been the fastest-adopted technology in Cisco’s history2. It’s not surprising as SecureX supports multiple playbooks out of the box, such as phishing, vulnerability management and, highly relevant at the moment, secure remote worker. Here’s a handy ‘before and after’ infographic that summarises key SecureX benefits.

Supporting you with Cisco

At ISDM solution we are Cisco Solution Specialists, working with a wide variety of customers to bring the best of Cisco’s full portfolio to drive business outcomes and support your digital journey. If you’ve already invested in Cisco Security products and would like us to support you with setting up SecureX, or you are starting the investigation into what Cisco security products can do for your business get in touch. We work in a consultative and advisory way to ensure any solution we offer is right for your business requirements & budget. You can find out more about us at