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The Challenge

There’s no doubt that audio visual collaboration solutions provide significant benefits to businesses. With the ability to work collaboratively with clients, colleagues and contractors regardless of location, they’re becoming an increasingly essential component of the modern-day workforce. 

However, the installation and subsequent maintenance of audio visual infrastructure can present a challenge. Unexpected technical problems can disrupt workflow and cause immense frustration to businesses, particularly when they’re not equipped to resolve such issues. 

Similarly, as most businesses only require technical support on an ad-hoc basis, employing an in-house maintenance specialist can be both expensive and inefficient. The significant overhead that comes with employing a full-time member of staff can draw away from the cost-efficient nature of audio visual communication systems, creating a need for a more suitable solution.

Our Solution – ISDM Care

ISDM care is the missing link that binds together the integration of technologies, vendors and warranty arrangements into one coherent service experience. By subcontracting your audio visual communications support to ISDM, you remove the expense and inefficiency that comes with employing an in-house support specialist.

ISDM care is fully-tailored to the requirements of your business. With a wide range of support services covering both cloud-based video conference and physical infrastructure in collaboration spaces, our service desk will work with you to define your unique support requirements. We’ll work around your schedule and provide the exact level of support you need for a fixed monthly price. 

Support tickets are logged through a self-service portal, which our global service desk will resolve as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to your business. Support is available either via email, telephone or onsite, depending on the type of support required and the bundle you’ve chosen. 

At ISDM, we thoroughly believe in the principle of taking a proactive approach to audio visual care wherever possible. We’ll carry out regular preventative maintenance visits to ensure your infrastructure is working at maximum efficiency and prevent any potential issues from arising. You’ll receive a thorough report at the end of each visit, complete with a summary of the work completed as well as tailored recommendations on the day-to-day use of your audio visual systems.

All preventative maintenance work (as well as any other onsite support) is covered in your fixed monthly retainer, so you won’t have to worry about incurring additional costs. 

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AV Support - Remote & Onsite

With customers from varying industries we understand there is not a one-size-fits-all support model. Therefore, ISDM Solutions has utilised vast industry experience to develop a suite of support bundles.

AV Support - Remote & Onsite

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