Business WiFi Solutions

ISDM Solutions offer a secure, high bandwidth business wifi solution for your organisation. Our wifi solutions ensure maximum flexibility for your mobile experience, ensuring the future proofing of your business WiFi. The latest Cisco WiFi for business is available with ISDM.

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What is Business WiFi?

Business Wifi is essentially Wifi that is for your business. Business WiFi solutions have more features than residential WiFi including faster upload speeds so organisations have quicker access to their files plus guaranteed service and uptimes. Business WiFi helps employees keep their devices connected so collaborations and projects can be easily accessed. Creating wifi solutions for businesses ensures that the WiFi used will always be more secure for the sensitive organisation data being shared between employees.

Our Business WiFi Offering

ISDM business wifi solutions offer a secure, fast WiFi service with the latest Cisco technology:

  • Bespoke Business WiFi depending on your business needs
  • A consistent business WiFi connection
  • Provides organisations with the ability to manage multiple clients connecting simultaneously
  • High business bandwidth to support video collaboration & other platforms

Benefits of WiFi Solutions for Business

Sitewide Business WiFi Coverage

Site wide business WiFi means that employees can use the WiFi throughout the organisation’s location without any issue. This type of coverage allows employees to use all types of devices within the Business WiFi, helping in collaboration throughout the day.

VoIP With Business WiFi

VoIP means ‘Voice Over IP’. This is the practice of using VoIP phones with your wireless connection to make calls over the business WiFi network. Simply connect the phones to the business WiFi in the organisation to start making VoIp calls. Businesses also have apps available so using business WiFi with VoIp is now even more streamlined.

Business WiFi Speed

ISDM’s business WiFi solutions are much quicker than any residential WiFi packages. Typically business WiFi is around two or three times quicker, meaning that employees can work on multiple projects together, on several platforms without having to compromise on speed or WiFi stability. Download and upload speed is affected by your WiFi bandwidth, in today’s business environment it’s essential to keep a high bandwidth for maximum performance.

Why Business WiFi?

Business landscapes are ever-changing with new and improved ways for employees to work. Business WiFi solutions need to keep up with the changes and help future proof organisations. Bespoke packages for each business’s needs means that your business WiFi will be designed specifically for your organisation, including network cabling and physical installation. Ongoing support and management for ISDM Solutions business WiFi packages.

Why Cisco Wireless?

ISDM Solutions recommend the latest Cisco 9800 series wireless LAN controllers to provide high availability always on connectivity to keep you network up and running. Integrated security for your devices, users and infrastructure. Integrated intelligence, utilising Cisco Digital Network Architecture for enhanced analytics. The Cisco 9800 series wireless provide:

  • Wireless Assurance:- Deep visibility and insights into the wireless network using DNA assurance.
  • Centralised Management:- Cisco DNA centre provides centralised management not only for the 9800 series controllers but all Cisco Wired and Wireless Solutions for DNA.
  • Comprehensive Security:- Security is built into the fabric of all Cisco solutions with features such as Encrypted Traffic Analytics.

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